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Hi Georgie, hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I’m after some help/advice. I’m PN certified and offer all my clients nutrition advice and coaching. I’m looking for several meal plans to offer to some clients. I realize it’s not as easy as just giving a meal plan but some of my clients really struggle with knowing/finding meals to prepare. If I could offer them more options it would really help them. Do you offer this option? Can you suggest anything else? Thanks Georgie any suggestions you have would be greatly received!  -A

Of course I don’t mind! I’d love to help you out.

I can tell you want to help your clients as best you can, and that you’ve listened closely to assess their challenges. You’re caring. Feeling like they don’t know what to eat sure can be confusing, but you don’t have to help them through that overwhelm or uncertainty with a meal plan.  I would consider letting them know whatever they are eating now is a fine start, that they can choose what to eat as capable adults (just like they have been doing up until now), and you’ll help them improve upon it step by step.

If they need recipes because they want to eat at home more, I send people to the Racing Weight Cookbook.

(FYI quick Google search turns up PLENTY of meal plans. Here’s a list of ten I won’t ever follow, and odds are your clients won’t either. No one follows meals plans for long. Why? We want to eat what we like, adjust our food intake to our hunger level, and not everyone likes brown rice or wants a smoothie for a meal.)meal-plan-6

You can also give them helpful parameters such as filling half their plate of veggies, allocating a quarter to starch and a quarter to protein and not to worry about which veggies or which meat they choose. That’s enough for a start.

(You don’t have to fix every problem for them in one session).

But in my experience people who THINK they want a meal plan just need reassurance that they aren’t going to do it “wrong”, they they can really pick their meals themselves. Hearing you saying that they can do this goes a long to believing it themselves.

It’s not like their success hinges upon choosing broccoli over green beans or getting the “right” number of chicken dinners vs fish dinner per week. Their success hinges upon forming habits, so the details of what they eat are far less important than why they eat and how much.

If having the plan on paper saves them mental work or facilitates grocery shopping, then I do “meal planning” with them during our session. And they do most of the decision making; I take the notes. It sounds like this:

“Okay, so let’s start with proteins, do you eat chicken, beef, turkey and fish (or not all those?) If so, let’s plug in one for each dinner. Great. Now let’s pick sides to go with them. What veggies do you like… broccoli with the chicken, green beans with the beef, salad with the salmon, great…. and then starches or fruit. Rice with the chicken? Great. Fruit salad with the beef? Sweet potato with the turkey? Great.”

Now, make extra portions every dinner so you have some for lunches the next day.

Breakfast, most people don’t mind eating the same one or two things, so pick a protein (eggs or Greek yogurt are most common with my clients), add some fruit or veggies that go well with it, and a whole grain like oats or toast and you’re set.

Meals planned.

You can do this. I am reassuring you that you can show your clients that they don’t actually need you to pick out their menus. (Or outfits). Empower them; that is way more valuable.

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When I’m invited to appear on a training podcast, my first concern is always “Do they want to talk to me if I don’t actually lift weights now?” Luckily, weight lifting enthusiasts also have an interest in my field: habit-based and evidence based nutrition. So they haven’t shut the door in my face yet for not slinging enough iron in recent history! (You can hear more about why I stopped in the podcast).

Quite the contrary, Scott Iardella who hosts the RDellaTraining podcast really wanted to hear about ME and my story too, so it was fun to spill a bit of my guts before getting into the science and lots of practical stuff you can put into use starting today.  I think you’ll enjoy this one, so download it to play while you’re snowed in this weekend!


Georgie Fear, registered dietitian, professional nutrition coach, and author of Lean Habits, is the featured guest this week on the podcast.

This is an intensive interview discussing Georgie’s passion and expertise: habit based nutrition.

Before we immersed into the nutrition talk, we discussed her “current state” and the physical challenge she’s currently dealing with.

This is a powerful and amazing story.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • Learn about her diverse background, professionally and as an athlete
  • How she incorporated strength training into her endurance background
  • Her “big” challenge – how she’s currently handling a major issue
  • The psychology of dealing with injury
  • What she’s hoping to get back to (functionally and in her training)
  • Defining habit-based-nutrition, what is it really?
  • How long does it typically take to develop new habits?
  • Breaking down the 4 core habits
  • Why she doesn’t like eating to “80% full”
  • Is eating 3-4 times per day optimal?
  • Thoughts on protein and protein supplementation
  • What 2 types of protein she recommends to avoid and why
  • Fats and carbs – the issues, debates, and the science
  • Problems with consuming over 40% fat, in terms of satiety
  • How to sort through (and make sense of) conflicting nutritional information
  • The problem (and challenges) with looking at studies
  • What causes “mindless eating” or “emotional eating” (and how to beat it)
  • Optimizing your nutrition on training days
  • How she keeps up on the science
  • Great closing advice and next steps…

If you enjoyed this week’s episode, please drop in a quick review in iTunes or Stitcher.


It’s easy to review the show and it’s greatly appreciated to help the show grow.

To see how to post a review in iTunes, go to RdellaTraining.com/review



The Rdella Training® Podcast is released each week with valuable training information and amazing interviews with “world class” coaches, experts, and authors in the fitness industry.

The Rdella Training Podcast is committed to become the Premier Strength and Performance Podcast online interviewing the industry leaders to help people of all levels live their strength and discover their greatness.


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Get in on the action here.

The thing we are most jazzed about is the unique design of this challenge: the focus is on ADDING awesomeness to your diet and fitness routine. While your friends and coworkers might be trying to give up or reduce things in their life, Josh Hillis and I are firm believers in the power of positive displacement. So you know our challenge is going to be different.

When you ADD enjoyment, awareness, nutrients, and fitness to your life, a lot of problems solve themselves! When you treat yourself deliberately and radically KINDLY, you’ll see some of your harsher thoughts and behaviors just bugger off. Behavior change is a lot like ironing clothes; adding some warmth helps the wrinkles come out.

Get ready for 21 days of increasing the awesome in your life. We call it the on ramp, because know once you get going, you’ll keep doing it long after these three weeks are over.

Workouts, habits, support, nothing unsustainable, unhealthy or depriving.  You deserve it.

Join here!

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Losing Weight And Keeping It Off Has A Recipe, Anyone Can Do It.

Let me tell you about a hypothetical set of twins. On a beautiful spring afternoon, ten years ago, twenty nine year old twins were at the park with their families. They were very much alike. Both were in love with their husbands who adored them back. Both were personable, successful, educated and had desire to live a full and happy life. Both had a child, each was five years old. There was just one thing that was bothering them both.

On that beautiful day both were getting winded playing with the children, for they were both around forty pounds overweight. After some soul searching and some talking they both decided to lose the weight.

After a year they were both successful. Each had exercised, each had embraced healthy eating, and each had lost the forty pounds. But there was a difference.

Fast forward to today. One of the twins is now fifty pounds heavier, often unnecessarily feeling shameful, and is down at the bookstore browsing the diet section looking to start yet another diet.


The other is loving being active, has kept the weight off and doesn’t think about it anymore. She’s spending her energy on living life and having fun. She’s planning a trip to Italy with her daughter. She’s free.


What made the difference

Have you ever wondered, as I used to, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? It isn’t always a native intelligence, or talent, or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t. It isn’t the best diet plan either.

The difference is that successful people adopt permanent, stress free behaviors that become habits. The people that don’t succeed are the ones that are always on a program, on another diet, never making permanent changes.

What happens when you diet? The diet ends. Which is only good for someone selling you another diet book, or their “special foods”, but it is not good for you.

That’s why I’m writing you today, to help you end the dieting madness and become lean for life, and to make you an offer that I think you’ll like.

A weight loss program like no other

We’re unique, our program is the only program that combines the following:

  • Habit based. There are a lot of people and programs talking about being habit based, but they don’t teach you how to master them. We’ve all tried to do something every day and it didn’t work. We teach you how to actually make your habits work with our science based 4 step process.
  • Evidence based. Every part of our program is research backed. We focus on nutrition obviously, but just as important is the psychological aspect of change.
  • Proven to work. We’ve coached thousands successfully to lose tons of fat. Many online programs are coached by people that haven’t actually coached before.
  • Suitable for you. For our habit based system to be the best program out there we needed to be confident it was good enough to work for everyone. It had to work for busy executives, stay at home moms, elite athletes and everyone else. It did. Cross country skiing, gold medalist Chandra Crawford used our habit based system to stay in shape for years. Other Olympians too. I bet you would have thought that Olympians get special treatment? Their needs are indeed different but the coaching system is the same for everyone.
  • Risk free. There are no contracts, you pay month to month. You will go until you decide to stop, or you graduate from out system.
  • Easy. To work in real life our system has to be as stress free as possible. And it is. You won’t be burdened with weird point systems of tracking, weighing your food for the rest of your life, or anything like that. You’ll learn easy habits.
  • Empowerment. By the time you are done with us you won’t ever need to have a coach again. You’ll be able to master any habit, not just nutrition habits, and you’ll understand your own unique nutrition needs.
  • Each habit is tailored to your specific needs. Other habit based programs give everyone the same habit and it is up to you to do it. This doesn’t work for over half the people. With us the habit gets scaled to your level.
  • Support, not competitiveness. Often other coaches will assume that you being in a group is all the support that you need. It isn’t. We built our program to ensure that you get the support you need, every single day. It comes from your coach, and your peers. We encourage collaboration, not competition.
  • You learn to trust your body. To make success permanent we capitalize on your best resource, your body. We’ll teach you to know exactly how much to eat and when, without counting calories. You’ll learn to use your body signals appropriately to remove the guess work.
  • Hunger won’t be a problem. To make you as comfortable as possible we’ve researched a ton about hunger and satiety. Every part of our program reflects the latest research in appetite and satiety regulation; we’ve spared no detail because we want you to be as satisfied as possible.
  • Eat the foods you like. Unlike diets we don’t eliminate foods, or use restrictive rules. You literally can eat whatever you choose, we’ll never judge your choice. Instead we teach you how to be flexible and still succeed.
  • Motivation stays high. We’ve all started something full of motivation only to have it fizzle. There is science to motivation and our program maximizes it. Part of that is the high level of autonomy that you’ll have. We support and guide you, but you are the one in charge of your plan.
  • Right focus. We focus on behaviors, not on outcomes. Outcomes are great, we all want to achieve those goals, but the research shows us that focusing on them is less successful than focusing on the daily behaviors. Our program always focuses on the habits and the behaviors needed to stick to them. We’ll keep your efforts productive by funneling your energy into actions.
  • Right exercise. There are a ton of myths about exercise. How much, what type, etc.? While we don’t give individualized exercise plans (that would cost way too much), we guide you towards programs that work. It turns out that most people think they have to do way more than what they actually do, to lose weight

Our Winter Offer

Our one on one coaching program is currently $97 to sign up and $197 per month. In a twelve month period you would spend $2461. We created the group coaching to do better than that. We want to make it as affordable as we can to get permanent weight loss as effortless as is possible (our mission).

For this winter, we’re making the most affordable offer we can: you can join our January 4th small group cohort, for only $127 a month, with no contract. That’s a savings of $937 over private coaching, over a year. That’s $1437 less than a popular online program that has over 300 clients for each coach. With us you get much more personalized attention.

Plus, we went a step further, if you want to pay upfront for 6 months, you can save an additional $180

We will sell out, act first and ensure that you get your spot. Click the button below to go month by month at $127

You don’t have to, but if you want to save more, click this button to pay six months in advanced at only $97 per month.

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This isn’t a one-woman show. One thing I’ve learned more and more with passing years is that teamwork makes far greater things possible than solo effort. This year I’ve let go of thinking, “I HAVE to do it all myself”. Here’s an example: AskGeorgie now occasionally features articles from my clients, graduates or other coaches.  Another example: a few months ago Roland and I teamed up with renowned coach Josh Hillis to form the Complete Coaching Mentors, and the ensuing discussions, lessons, and cooperative brainstorming have been nothing short of mind-blowing. (I swear, I have twice the neurons I did a year ago from regularly collaborating with these two.)

Doing things with other people is waaaaaaay easier than doing them alone! So glad I have a team now. 😀

But it keeps getting better! Now our superhero coaching trio has partnered with Strength Matters, the world’s premier educational resource for leading health and fitness professionals. That means in 2016 there will be much, much more content from me than what you see here on AskGeorgie! You can snag my article every month in the glossy pages of Strength Matters Magazine, hear us chatting with Seb and Josh on the Strength Matters podcast, and catch Josh and I presenting live at every Strength Matters Summit in the USA in 2016!

Looking back on 2015, I’m immensely fortunate that it has been a year of expanding my passion. Not only am I working with clients directly, but I got to write a book on the topic, craft a system for teaching other coaches, and it just keeps getting better with more in-the-flesh teaching opportunities.

Bring on 2016, and ever more teamwork! Which brings me to the other announcement:

Our next Small Group Coaching cohort will start in 8 days!

January 4th is the big day, and despite the fact that I didn’t even announce it yet, I have the roster half full already from people hunting me down to be part of it. Okay okay, I get it, you love the idea of having a coach AND a group of other people to do the journey with. Maybe you heard we’re also running the small groups on the Facebook platform? (It’s true!) So no more needing to visit a separate site each day.

If you want one of the remaining spots, I highly suggest snagging it now because New Years is just days away and then everyone else will jump on it. (Can I apologize now to the people I have to wait list?) If you’re on the fence, just consider another year of “I HAVE to do everything myself!” versus the likelihood that so much more possible with others to help you.

So, are you going to make the team?


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