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I Help People Stop Dieting and Eat Happily

Eating in a way that makes us healthy, energetic and fit isn’t easy.

You can be confused, frustrated, conflicted, and stressed just from trying to eat well. Keeping it going day after day, year after year (even it is working) is tough for most people. And when it’s not working and you aren’t getting closer to your goals, no wonder people give up.

That’s why I do what I do, and that’s why this website is here.

You want some clear effective direction on how to eat to reach your goals (because there is so much disagreement in the media). You could use some trustworthy, no BS explanations, and I’d love to help you. You want to be permanently lean and healthy without being on a diet every day for the rest of your life. You’re in the right place.

Who is Georgie Fear?



I’m Georgie Fear, a registered dietitian, board certified specialist in sports dietetics and co-owner of One By One Nutrition. I’m not a blogger or hobbyist I studied nutritional science for ten years at Rutgers University and Cornell Universities, have published peer reviewed research, and contributed to numerous textbooks. I speak internationally at professional conferences on nutrition and coaching, and have published two books. I currently write a monthly column for Strength Matters magazine, and my work (or opinion, haha!) is frequently featured in popular magazines as well as some of the most prominent sites on the web.


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