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About Georgie


Hi! I’m Georgie Fear, a registered dietitian, nutrition expert, and physique coach. My passion is bringing out the best in my clients and empowering them to achieve greater things than they ever imagined possible. My specialty is fat loss coaching and bringing elite athletes to the next level of leanness. Lucky me, I have managed to make a career out of doing what I love.

Whether you are interested in coaching services to reach your next level of awesome, or are just stumbling by to read one of my articles, welcome! I started AskGeorgie.com as a way to spread nutrition information from a credible source – one you could trust to tell things, straight up. Over time it has also become a healthy recipe library too, since I’m always cooking up something! My hope is that every time you stop by AskGeorgie.com you find something helpful: a boost of motivation, a lesson that helps you understand more about the biochemistry of nutrition, a training tip that gets you better results, or a mental tactic that keeps you focused on your goals and moving in the right direction.

As for me and what I do; I study cutting-edge nutrition research and coaching techniques, write recipes and cookbooks, cook up a storm to fuel my training, advise Olympic athletes, NCAA teams and everyday people, chow down with gusto, and love every minute of it. And wrapped up in all that fun, I’ve shown hundreds of people the road to lean, joyous living by providing support, guidance and accountability.

Are you next? For more info about securing your spot in my next group of clients, contact me and tell me a bit of your story. What level of awesome of you ready for?

But know this: we are a community of action-takers, progress makers and experimenters. Come ready to change, work, grow, and be prepared to amaze yourself.

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