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Do you hate clothes shopping?

“Ugh, I am so fat. I look like a beach ball.”
“That style looks good on the mannequin, but I can’t pull it off on this tubby body”
“My chest is so small I look like a teenage boy in this bikini.”
“Thunder thighs alert, put the slim cut jeans back where you found ’em, sister!”
“Maybe when I lose ten pounds I’ll go in the expensive stores, I am not spending that kind of money on myself at this weight.”


Do you think you hate clothes shopping because of your body? Think again.  If shopping for new clothing is something you loathe, and your inner dialog sounds anything like the above gems, it’s actually your inner dialog that needs reshaping, not your ass.

If someone was telling me how awful I looked in everything I wouldn’t enjoy shopping with them either! If I was trying to find a dress for an upcoming wedding and my shopping buddy kept commenting on how I should go to the gym more and eat less, I’d be more than a touch annoyed. I imagine you also would find it much nicer to go shopping with someone who was there to help you find the clothes that fit you and make you look and feel your best. So bring that person with you by being that person.

We all have cuts and colors that are flattering or…. not so flattering. If you can imagine the voice in your head doing more assessing of the clothes themselves and how they either bring out your best qualities or don’t (and not assessing your body) I bet shopping would be more fun. Criticizing your shape or appearance or attractiveness doesn’t help you have a successful shopping trip, it detracts from the mission at hand – adding something to your wardrobe!

Ever watch fashion shows on tv? They don’t say “Oh honey your arms look like sausages, you really should change them”… they say this piece of clothing doesn’t fit you well, or that color looks amazing. It’s the clothing that’s on trial and getting evaluated to see if it’s worthy of your dollar. Your body is the standard to which the clothes measure up or fall short (or long, or loose, or tight). You aren’t shopping for bodies. You have one, and it’s awesome.

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  • Julia Paccana April 30, 2014, 6:02 pm

    I’m not really a big fan of shopping either.