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Revoke your Clean Plate Club Membership

Leave food on plate challenge

My clients recently got an optional assignment. Those who have been struggling with weight loss plateaus often have a habit of cleaning their plates, even if that only means a one or two bite change in the amount they eat. That one or two bites can make the difference between weight loss and weight maintenance. So together, we embarked on a fun challenge: The Leave A Few Bites Challenge.

You don’t have to throw it out. You can put it back in the fridge. But break that habit of always having a clean plate at the end of the meal. Simple. Check out some of the evidence my awesome clients submitted in the last few days:

And guess what happened? The people who dove into this challenge as a fun exercise almost ALL busted their plateau and lost weight last week. (If you haven’t noticed, the week between Christmas and New Yrs isn’t exactly the easiest time to slim down, either.) So what does it take to shed pounds that don’t seem to want to go anywhere? Good habits, small intelligent steps, with a supportive community and coach to cheer you on. Not gargantuan suffering and sacrifice. These ladies are proof!

I bet you can do it too.

And just to demonstrate the way to make it easiest, put something on your plate that’s not too appealing, so it won’t stress you out as much to not eat it. Cold leftovers or raw vegetables work great for this. And remember you don’t have to throw the food out, although it can be a liberating step to take, if you aren’t ready to pitch your last few bites, just put them back in the fridge to have at another time. After all, eating after you’re satisfied is wasting food anyway.

So are you in? Want to revoke you Clean Plate Club membership? Would you practice it today?

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  • Chris January 5, 2013, 3:30 pm

    Awesome advice Georgie! This is something that can be used at restaurants too; just keep the leftovers for the following days lunch.

  • melissa@the hungry artist January 2, 2013, 12:49 pm

    Love this advice! I will try it out. 🙂 I love that you mention the choice of just saving it for later too, instead of throwing it out!