Short workouts… What will people think?

I’m working back into exercise after a long time off, and took the advice you and Roland gave me to just go for 10 or 15 minutes and have fun. And I did! It was great to not put pressure on myself to have to do a ton. But…. I feel like people must be looking at me funny like “she’s done already?”  Trying to let go of worrying about that. Help!  :)

First off, congrats! Getting back in after being scarred by your previous experience is a HUGE win and I’m glad you enjoyed it this time! Second, who cares what random people at the gym think?


I’ve had so many days where I drove to the gym, changed, warmed up and started to move and felt like GARBAGE. So I went back to the locker room, changed and headed home. And most of the time, if anyone noticed they didn’t say anything. I really doubt anyone did. Everyone is worrying about themselves, looking at their bums in the mirror or thinking what will I make for dinner…. no one is timing your workout. A time or two someone did say, “done already?” when I came in and left almost immediately (maybe twice out of dozens of times I’ve aborted workouts) And I’d say the truth: “Just not feeling it today, think I need a rest more than pushing through it when I don’t feel great” or “Just a quick one today to get my blood flowing, I’ve got a ton to do and a little movement is better than none!” or “My knee/back/shoulder is hurting and I think I’m going to take it easy so it doesn’t get worse”.

Here’s the funny thing: I wondered too if people would think “Oh, people will think I’m a wussy for not doing 3 hour workouts!” but when people noticed me coming in and going out pretty quick (even if I do a full workout I’m out in about 30 mins) they said positive things! “Wow, you just come in and get your stuff done and go!” “Or, wow, that’s smart, to just rest and not punish yourself, I probably go too hard….”

So 1. Don’t assume anyone even notices how long you were there. (Everyone is looking at themselves) and 2. Don’t assume that even if they do notice they think anything other than positive things. It might be, “Wow, she’s efficient. Why do I live at the gym again for 4 hours a day? She looks awesome!”

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  • Chris December 16, 2013, 5:26 am

    Congrats to Roland and your client for getting back in the gym after a long time off! Keep up the great work!

  • Annie December 30, 2013, 1:34 pm

    I am in this same boat. I just went back to the gym after a three-week hiatus because I work retail and have had NO time for myself. I spent my gym time thinking, “Yeah, three sets of that! Wednesday I will do more and stay five minutes longer!” I have to ease in or I will make myself too sore to want to come back! :-) It’s all about remembering who you go to the gym for: You!

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