Bicycles are divided into an endless number of categories depending on the style and there feature. Almost every Bike store mississauga sell all kinds of cycles to its customers. Some bikes which are commonly used and seen includes


Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike as the name suggests have wide knobby tires that allow them to be ridden on loose dirt and obstacles. These bikes have rugged frames and components with the suspension to allow the cyclist to navigate easily through the rocky mountains. Mountain bikes come in all price range, but the lower end recreational versions are not suited for aggressive mountain biking.


Hybrid Bikes

Hybrids bikes are comfortable and share the same comfort features which can be distinguished by wheel size. Hybrid wheels are traditionally bigger than comfort bikes which are similar to mountain style wheel as these bikes have comfort and work well on smooth dirt.


Road bikes

Road bikes are characterised by their skinny wheels and downturned handles. These bikes are incredibly efficient and rule the roads due to their speed. The thing tyres help them glide on the road with minimal effort and handle gives an aggressive grip than the upright grip. Road bikes are extremely sought after by people who like riding long distances regularly.


Triathlon Bike

Triathlon bikes are built explicitly for time-trial events as they have forward bull horn shaped handlebars and aero-bars, allowing the riders to lean forward, giving the bike an aerodynamic position to move faster.


BMX bikes

BMX bikes are single speed bikes that can be raced for short dirt tracks as the bikes have wide wheels, to enable them to have a very robust and durable wheel allowing them to perform jumps and tricks.


Commuting bikes

Commuting bikes are general transportation, which has practical amenities such as light, rear, bags, locks, etc. These are a practical tool which can help as a means of transportation for errands like office, groceries, etc.


Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross bikes have wider knobby tired with drop style handlebars. These bikes are designed to be raced around dirt trails. These bikes are very versatile in nature.


Track Bike

A single gear bike that does not freewheel is the track bike. As these bikes do not have brakes, it is up to athletes to stop them from the strength of their legs. Track racing is done indoor with banked turns called velodrome. These bikes are often used for race training as it forces the athletes to spin their legs in constant circles and run a cadence.



A tandem is a bike specifically built for two rides. They come in different styles, and two riders of different abilities can enjoy the ride at the same pace while riding tandem bikes. These kinds of bikes work well with younger riders, new cyclists and people who are blind as tandem do not require special skills.

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