With the rains around the corner, you can’t really step out for your outdoor workout. But does that mean you give up working out when the weather’s against you? Nah! We’ve got a list of indoor activities that will keep you fit and fine till the outdoor workout season is back! Read on:



Well, you don’t need to have your moves co-ordinated and perfect! Just put on some high-intensity music and groove! Make sure you match your steps to the fast beats, that’s sure to get your heartbeat up and pumping! Plus, you’ll end up with a happy mood! Cheers to the best workout!

Jump rope:

Ship your way to a fit body! And no, skipping isn’t meant only for little kids, it’s a great exercise to keep you fit. No matter what your age, don’t let the skipping rope go out of sight. It’s a simple, yet great workout which you can do anywhere!

High knee marching:

Sounds easy right? But hey, you should try it out once! You’ll notice the burn in your legs immediately! Keep a count of the number of marches you’re able to do in a day and push yourself to do better every day.


This less-than-a-minute workout will reap you tremendous benefits if you do it regularly. And again, a plank looks easy to do, but it’s not. You could start off with a 20-30 second hold, and slowly increase the time as the day goes by. Planks work very well on strengthening your core.

Lift weights:

Not necessarily the actual weights, you can lift anything that’s available in your home. You have to just look out for the opportunity to lift something heavy – you’ll find plenty!

Jumping jacks:

Takes you back to your school days? Well, don’t hesitate a bit to try out this easy to do workout which will pump up your heart in no time and work on the rest of your body too. Quick, easy to do exercise that will help you keep yourself fit.

Squats and lunges:

Squats and lunges work wonders to tone down your legs and burn fat over a period of time. Lunges also increase your flexibility. Both are great options to keep you going even on a rainy day!

Random YouTube workouts:

You can follow any professional fitness tutors on YouTube, who post numerous videos of different, unique indoor workout ideas to keep you from getting bored with the same old routine. You could religiously follow any of these fitness channels to keep yourself up and going.

Hope you take note of these indoor workout ideas which you can pursue through the rainy days!

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