A good night’s sleep is important to ensure that you have a better day ahead. A good night’s sleep ensures that you do not doze off on opportunities. As selecting the right mattress is important, so is finding the right pillows. There are plenty of different pillows for you to choose from and you have to decide which suits you the best.

Feather pillows

A feather pillow is not all fluff as it offers softness, support and comfort. A good quality feather pillows are small and curled. It is strong as it contains carbon fibres, which gives the pillow a natural spring.

Down Pillows

If you are looking for some of the softest pillows, it is down pillow which has a bird’s fluffy undercoat without the quails. This makes downs pillow-soft and puffy, making it feel luxurious. This is a popular type of pillow which has European goose down with the power of more than 600. As these pillows are fluffy, light and cosy, they are not the best choice when it comes to giving you support as reviewing the best down alternative pillows can only be done best by a professional.

Memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillow is a great choice to keep you comfortable all night long as the pillow easily adjusts to the individuals’ shape, allowing for the body to rest in a natural position. This pillow has a bounce-back design which self-adjusts as you move during the night.

Micro-bead pillows

Micro-bead pillows are made of tiny beads, which is called unexpanded polystyrene (EPS) which provides comfort and support. These kinds of pillows are usually made of micro-beads, which makes for one of the best travel pillows.

Buckwheat pillows

If you are looking for an all-natural and plant-based pillow, your search should end at Buckwheat pillows which is made from the husk of buckwheat seeds. These pillows are very soft but offer hard support.

Sleep apnea pillows

If you sleep with a CPAP machine attached to you, sleep apnea pillows allow you to accommodate the octopus tubes and cords. This kind of pillow is made with polyester fibre foam, which allows support and adjustment when you need it.

Neck pillows

Neck pillows are specially constructed to keep your neck in shape to support the spine, which allows you to sleep comfortably without putting any pressure on certain points of your spine.

Body pillows

Body pillows are long pillows stretching up to 54 inches, which can provide support for the hip and lower back. They are great pillows for pregnant women who have difficulty in sleeping due to various reasons.

Wedge pillows

Wedge pillows are triangular-shaped pillows which can be made from foam, polyester fibre or both to ensure support to various parts of the upper body. They also help elevate certain parts of your body to ensure that any discomfort is relieved.

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